We are a small team of multidisciplinary designers with a strong passion to create memorable and meaningful visuals. Our mission is to help build authentic connections between a brand and their audience with captivating designs that help tell a company’s unique story and message. As a team of avid travelers, we integrate our global experiences of art and culture into all of our design strategies and imagery. Our travels give us a deeper insight into different cultural values, design trends, and into alternative meanings different visuals can have globally. This helps us add more depth into a brands story, symbols, and identity, along with building connections with audiences of all different backgrounds. We work with a network of highly talented creatives and design custom teams to best suit the needs of each individual project.

Cara Bono


Cara  is a brand strategist and designer,
specializing in brand identity, digital design, and illustration.

Steph Bono


Steph’s specialty is in motion design,
video editing and UX/UI design. She
excels at making imagery  come to life.

Motion Design
Photography + Film
Web Design + UX/UI
Editorial + Layout


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