Stay Creamy is a new brand & slogan created by ‘Travel Filmmaker & Turtleneck Enthusiast’ Sam Newton. He gained a large following across his social platforms by being a unique voice in the travel videography space and doing things differently. He adds humor and original music into his short films to surprise and delight his viewers, showing how mixing together your unique interests will help your work stand out from the crowd. 

We teamed up to create a Stay Creamy icon that would perfectly capture the personality of his new brand. Something out of the ordinary and quirky, with a touch of humor.


round 1

For round one we pulled elements and inspiration from our mood board to create our first iteration of the Stay Creamy Cream Carton. We wanted something bold that could work effectively across all types of merchandise. For round two we decided to experiment and add the quirky personality elements of a film camera and some feet.


For the logo type we created a hand illustrated playful bubble font to pair with the cream carton, utilizing a matching outline style to visually connect them.

final logos

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