“Nosotros Tequila is a small batch tequila brand that harmonizes the Pura Vida lifestyle of Costa Rica with the rebel spirit of Mexico, joining them under the California sun. Created with a vision to bring people together.”

The Nosotros Tequila culture captures an excitement for life, the warmth of great company, and relaxed beachy vibes all in one. We wanted to create a symbol that shows off their fun quirky edge with imagery that represents each of their core inspirations; California, Costa Rica and Mexico.

For our first logo concepts, we explored using a stylized agave plant, one paired with a setting sun and the other with a surfboard. For round two we decided to branch out in a new direction and take inspiration from the Costa Rican influence. The final design became a quirky geometric styled toucan with the shape of California placed inside.

Examples of how Nosotros used the California Toucan
across all elements of their brand.

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